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The Caregiver

You Are An ESFJ

The Caregiver

You are sympathetic and caring, putting friends and family first.
A creature of habit, you prefer routines and have trouble with change.
You love being in groups - whether you're helping people or working on a project.
You are good at listening, laughing, and bringing out the best in people.

You would make a great nurse, social worker, or teacher.

Light the Night Walk

My donation page for the Gateway Chapter (columbia, MO) for the Light the Night walk to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma research to help find the cure/treatments to all blood related cancers is now active. I would be immensely grateful to anyone who is willing and able to donate or who would like to join me in a walk near you. Thank you so much.

St. Louis Trip and Other Random Recent Events

Thursday while the family was at the Cardinals game I hung out in Union Station. I was going to go watch Step Up, but the theater had shut down. Then I was going to go buy a book and read, but the bookstore had also shut down. Happened to be walking by a nail spa type vendure and the guy working and I exchange "hellos". He grabs my hand, in an overly excited manner and proceeds to ramble off about the product he's trying to sell me. To further his point, he's buffing away at one of my nails like madman. All the while I'm probably grinning and blushing like mad. He tells me I have really gorgeous eyes btw and I say thanks. He doesn't need to know they're contacts right... Anyhow, he was so cute and seemed almost broken hearted when I said I prob. was not going to buy a nail kit, not for the $80 that Opera apparently sells them for and not for $40 either even if I would get 2 kits. But he sold me on one kit for 20 plus tax which was like 21. So we were chatting about the job and how it must be fun to hit on pretty women all day trying to sell them nail kits. He was saying how bad his arm hurt and how achy the rest of his body was so I offered to give him a little massage. It was quite fun. Seeing as how gorgeous he was and how bored I was I invited him to eat lunch w/ me. He seemed genuinely excited and like he really wanted to go. Well after waiting for like 2 hrs. or more on him (in which time I also attracted the attention of another worker in a diff. corner of the station, a foreigner named Rob?) to meet his quota (while checking in periodically to see if he was ready of course), he finally apoligized and said to go ahead and eat w/o him. But, he did ask if I had a cell phone. I gave it to him and he proceeded to put his bus. # into my phone then asked for my # and actually called my phone to make sure it was in fact the right num. He also insisted I call him after I was done eating. So I go and east at the Hard Rock Cafe bc I'd never been. Not the best food for $20+ I've had I'll tell ya that... Instead of calling however, I walked back over to Union and told Nick I had to go back to the hotel. I said we should hang out that night after he got off work. He said to call him at 8:30 to see if that could work out. He was adament about it. We'd also talked before about why I was in stl to begin w/ and how I was going to Greenwheel Friday night. I was going to invite him to come to Miss. Nights after he got off on Friday and if nothing else, I would've paid his ticket just so I could've hung out w/ him. I call at about 8:39 on Thurs. No answer. I call back about ten or so min. later... still no answer. I only have his bus. line and it doesn't have voicemail set up. I'm frustrated. Friday night I call before heading over to the concert. No answer. I just don't get it?! Grrrr! Why even bother? Why ask for my num., say/act like you want to hang out w/ me, tell me to call you more than once, yet not answer when I do?! Part of me is tempted to try and hunt for him on MySpace even though my efforts prob. won't amount to anything. I meant to ask for a myspace url or e-mail but forgot. Another part of me wants to call again, just to see if anyone answers and to ask what the deal was. And still another part just wants to file it all away as a memory and forget about it. I just don't understand how I can manage to get the attention of really hot guys and have them at least seem to be interested but I can't manage to hold their interest. Sad part is every time we'd get a call or a text/voice message I'd hope it was him. :(

So Friday afternoon we took my 2-year-old sis to the zoo. It was alot of fun. Granted it was HOT! and we did a TON of walking, covered the whole thing! Didn't take any pics. Should have. Some highlights were the big cat country (my fave). Beautiful tigers, leopards, cheetahs, panthers, etc. The penguins were great. One of was really brave and if I'd had a fish in my hand I prob. could've fed him bc he was looking in my hand when I held it out to him. I'm prob. lucky he didn't bite me. I still think the zoo would do well to offer more up close experiences w/ more of the animals. Shelby and I touched a snake. Dad didn't haha. We're so brave. I wish the snow cat and the fennec foxes were part of the petting zoo experience. Shelby brushed the goats and petted the guinnea pigs. We saw the sea lion (not seal) show. The bears were nice to watch, esp. the polar and the baby bear. Shelby pissed off a snake at one point which scared her. Yeah, I think those are the highlights pretty much.

We got back later than expected to the hotel and I was hot/sweaty and stinky so I had to shower. I didn't get to straighten my hair which was disappointing but I did blow it out and thought it looked pretty good. Got to Miss. Nights fairly close to on time. I think I may have missed like one Ava Wait song is all so not too bad. They were pretty great really. I guess I just expected there to be hords of people there like in March for TAI. But, there weren't. I mean the crowd was still nice size but it was def. not wall to wall bodies. One Less Reason was fanfreakintastic! I'm so glad I got to see them. I off. adore them. Hope to see them again sometime. Tim was a doll to talk to after the show. And he gave me a copy of their newest album. I kind of felt bad about it though bc I just told him I'd have to wait and buy it another time and he asked why and I said I'd already spent so much money and didn't have enough left (before I'd bought a GW t-shirt for $20). So, instead of making me wait and actually pay for it (which I was going to do) he just gives me one. It was sweet. I know it doesn't mean anything, bands give out free cds all the time but it was still super nice. Greenwheel was of course Amazing! The music and the guys themselves just put me in a great mood no matter what. Everyone was so into it. I got so many compliments from guys and girls on my "You Looked Better on MySpace" t-shirt I wore. I think they played every song off Bridges... plus a Rod Stewart cover, Firefly, Shelter and others. Andy propsed to his girlfriend on stage which was so great to be a part of. Super sweet! One day I want that to happen to me. I think Ryan was nearly crying. Very emotional experience for everyone there to witness it. I didn't see someone that I was hoping to see so that I could finally place him. Bummer. Maybe next time. After the show I got my t-shirt (which I'm kind of unhappy with tbh, I think I should've gotten a diff. one of gotten a diff. size of the one I did get) and talked to Ryan. Then off to talk w/ Drew. He was all over the place, lots of people to see and talk to. He gave this little boy his drum sticks and took a pic w/ him it was way cute. Every time he walked by though he'd give me a big hug and flash a smile and say he'd be right back. After about 3 or 4 times of this, he apoligized and said that's just how it was. I understood. But I had to make sure and remind him that he owes me dinner still. So he promised that next time they're in CoMO (prob. Nov. is ehat I was told) we would def. do dinner. Plus I still owe him and Ryan drinks. Lots of hugs from Ryan, Drew, and even Brandon this time. Then as I was waiting outside for my ride, Drew comes over to talk w/ some friends and my ride pulls up so I quickly get in afew more big hugs... Honestly the guy gives the best hugs. And he said something to me, something that I'm not going to write down bc I'm hoping he was too drunk or got too drunk and forgets all about it or else if not then that dinner might be a bit awkward at first. Regardless, I knew he was kidding... the only thing is, before I could stop myself I blurted something out and I'm just not sure if he knew that I was kidding too (at least to some extent haha). He's just a really easy-going, friendly, likable guy and he can always manage to put me in a great mood (whether or not he knows it). I say "always" as though I see them all the time haha. That's the idea eventually. :)

Then I get back to the hotel and luckily/surprisingly catch Cobra Starship on Jimmy Kimmel w/ William, Travis and Maja joining Gabe. Good times. Plus, I think I saw Whit, like twice in the audience. I need to ask her about that.

All in all a great time.

I'm still disappointed about missing Novella on Sat. night though and Over It w/ The Audition, Amber Paific etc. on Sun. in Lawrence.

In other random, unrelated news: My sister met Theo from Real World/Road Rules challenge at MU. She got a pic too. Me = jealous.

And I won a guitar in the AP/Full Sail contest. So now I must decide to either learn to play or sell it on Ebay. Lessons anyone?

Concert Calendar

6/30 - Army of Freshmen, Punchline, Lucky Boys Confusion and Bowling for Soup @ Blue Note

7/11 - 30 Seconds to Mars, The Audition, June, and Agent Sparks @ Blue Note

8/9 - MxPx, Transition, Whole Wheat Bread, Reel Big Fish & Streetlight Manifesto @ Blue Note

9/17 - Halifax, So They Say, The Spill Canvas, Sugarcult & Maxeen @ Liberty Hall

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Jack's Mannequin, Dropping Daylight, Supernauts

Recap of last night

- Running late
- No cute, worthy Subway guys this time around (guess I'll have to stick w/ Paul)
- Being out of $24 b/c I didn't sell my ticket (think I'm just going to be getting one from now on, although having an extra is handy at times)
- x 100 Missing all but 2 songs of DD's set :( I suck at life!
-- No cute sound guy this time... :(
- Camera probs again (thus only like 4 pics of JM)
- Standing behind stupid girls
- No Brooke
+ Seeing/hanging w/ Jen again. I adore this chick more and more each time we hang out
+ Seeing the cute guy from Feb. that I sold my ticket to then
+ Seeing the cute bartender again
+ Seeing cute guys in general
+ Talking w/ the Supernauts and DD guys
+ Buying the DD ep
+ Random hugs
+/- Inviting DD, Jenn, Supernauts and a BN worker to go for ice cream/ "real" food... but ultimately deciding against going due to the time and the long ride home
+ No tornado!! Yay!
+ Nice girls in the bathroom/merch girls/waitresses/staff/etc. in general
- x 10 getting drinks spilled on my leg multiple times
+ Getting the name of a potential new band to add on teh myspace
- x 1000 Not seeing Andrew before or after
+ Kick ass sets by all the bands (from what I could tell)
+ Encore
+ Shout outs from last year's SoCo show/the Lawrence show/ "attractive ladies"/ livin good!!/ to drunk frat guys haha
++ Covers!
+++ "The Astronaut"
- x a million having to wait a pot. long while before any more shows :(
+/- Getting spoiled on this whole concert going frenzy
+/- Not being as "star" struck latley... it's a good thing, but it does have it's down falls
+ Cute puppy!

Yeah all in all a superb evening! :)

And These Are the Best Days of Our Lives

April 13th, 2006 Pros and Cons
+/- nice, sunny weather
- leaving later than expected
+ Subway Paul - his beautiful eyes & great direction giving
+ Inadvertently swapping saliva w/ Paul
- Paul having to work and thus not being able to potentially go w/ me :(
- not being able to reach Brooke or Kris
+ finding City Market w/ no prob thanks to Paul
+ my mom selling my extra ticket
- no Orange/Apple Fanta or Daisies for Peter
+/- mom finding orange Fanta later
+ seeing/hanging w/ Jenn, Anna, and Brooke!!
- Not seeing/being able to hang w/ Kris
+ 2nd row for THS/good pics
+ cool chicks around me
-- pushing, shoving, crowd surfers, bitches, assholes, hoes, etc.
+++ Meet&Greet - Pete: "Thanks!" *sly grin* "I like kisses" Me - "Yeah, well I snuck them in just for you, so don't tell anyone", "Hello again sweetheart" *kind of-sort of hug* from Pete, seeing Joe, Patrick and Andy, giving Pete my "note"...
- Charlie rushing me..."I was at FBR&Friends"... "Back of the line" "I'm going, I'm going"... gggrrr, not feeling like I gave any attention to Joe Andy or Patrick... :( Awww.
+/- my safer spot on the right side of the stage - good for awhile, then it just got worse, pretty good viewing, but made for not the best pics, cool guy behind me, close to Brooke and Jenn and Anna
+THS set
- FFTL's set - mostly due to not being able to enjoy it/missing most of it for the M&G
-/+ Missing part of HH's set, being there for most of the best part
+AAR's Set!! <3
++++ FOB's Set! AMAZING! <3 x a gazillion. +Singing/dancing to every song
+Pete's talks
+/- Dirty going through a table
+ Curse words & infidelities
+ Lots of Joe/Pete side stage trade off
- Not really being able to see Patrick or Andy
+ Pete crowd surfing
+ Honorable Mention
+ Music or the Misery
++/-- Pete climbing up and hanging from the scaffalding/me using all my pics before the last song thus not getting any pics of that action! Damnit! Thanks to Jenn for being prepared and snapping some... I need a fix quick haha.
+Talking w/ Jenn and Anna's friend
+/- Good Security/Bad Security
+ Not having to pee that whole time
- Finally having to pee in a porta potty w/o tp
+ Standing right by the guys from THS
- Not saying anything for the longest time (none of us)
+ Finally saying something to the drummer about his cool shades
- Him not hearing me/not paying attention... :(
- Feeling like an idiot for not saying something sooner
- Being sooo thirsty
- Aching all over - feeling like I either had a hangover or had just had a great role in the hay... neither bring the case
--- x 1000 - It being over way too soon. :(
- Not finding Brooke again to give her a goodbye